closet door

Closet Monsters
By Sarah K. Baker

I can hear the monsters in the crawlspace,
The one behind my bed.
They never get along,
Clashing over which will take my head.

They roar, and they wrestle,
They claw, and they choke.
But tonight, they are quiet.

I wonder if they simply died.
I wonder if they killed each other.
I wonder if they now are friends
Teamed up to come and take my head.

I turn to face the wall,
The one behind my bed.
I stare at the cracks in the crawlspace door,
Wondering if they’re dead.

I need to know if they are there,
And if I should get up and run.
I raise my fist to rap the wall.
My hand is poised to knock,
And I hear them break out in a brawl.

Sarah K BakerSarah K. Baker is a photographer and poet living in NY and working on her Masters Degree in psychology at Queens College. When not studying she likes to hoop (hula) and beat boys at video games. This is her first published poem.