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Today I have some tips for writers…



Helpful articles to become a better writer

Read these posts, helpful articles to become a better writer:

How to Write Short Stories book review, by Paula Cappa

Must Have Writing Tools for Character Development, by Medusa Media Ink

Submitting is not a Dartboard/intv. with Allison K. Williams, by Brevity magazine

What’s in a Name, by Michael Thomas-Knight over at Parlorofhorror

And I have a graphic for you too.


Dialogue – what people say and what they mean

A writer can always find interesting dialogue when reading these great memes. It points out how often someone will say something that has a complete different meaning than the words at face value.

Here’s some break-up lines with the true feelings hidden beneath…BS break up lines

Great dialogue with bodily gestures


The Stranger Within

Writer’s should read this great information by Alex Limberg “Ride The Pen” posted at Fiction University. Alex explains five tips on how to boost the impact of your words with gestures and body language.

Great analogies don’t come easy

Comparisons in a story help a reader to visualize and feel the events of a story. It is important that analogies are not cliche and overused because over time they loose their impact and the feeling you may want a reader to get is lost. However, it is also important that your analogy is something that readers will actually feel and visualize…and not laugh at!

analogies from students

Get Inspired! Write!



Mistakes we all make them…

Yes even the mainstream press makes them. That’s why it is so important to have an editor look at your work. another set of fresh eyes would have done the trick on these less than fabulous headlines!



The Lovecraft Universe – easy learning video

HP Lovecraft

Do you want to understand more about the Lovecraft universe of monsters, places, and themes? Check out The Lovecraft Alphabet:

Writing Tips – Comma Usage

Where do I put this damn comma? This info graphic should help.

writing tips

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