regular Submissions: Open to Submissions all year (until Jan. 2017)

This site looks for horror and gothic stories in a general sense and ones that can be easily read by horror fiction fans of all ages.

Ghost stories are a main focus. We also like old style monster stories with a gothic flavor. Witches and weird tales are also welcome. Some poetry. We look to bring the gothic horror fiction story into modern times, but we are not interested in the modern ‘goth’ culture of emo youth obsessed with death. Death should be shocking. It should be something frightening, something a person would want to avoid.

Story Length: Micro-fiction from 300 words. Max story length 3000 words.

Not currently paying but all stories accepted can be linked to an authors saleable fiction. Use your story as a calling card for more of your great fiction. Not too hard on the graphic violence, no sex/adult situations. Think light R-rating. If you’re unsure ask or send the story.

Stories will be lightly checked for grammar issues. Please do your best to have it properly proofread before you send it to us. We may suggest some minor story edits to make it fit the theme of our site or to make the story read better. We look to delete repetition, clichéd phrases, overused story devices.

submissions are open, you can inquire at:

What to send
*Send stories as a .doc or .rtf file attached to your email.
*Single spaced, Times New Roman font or close equivalent
*Your name, email, and word count in the story file on top left
*Name the .rtf file:  Story Title, Word Count, Your Name
* Italics should be Italicized

Subject in email: SUBMISSION/STORY(OR POEM)/TITLE – all in caps please.