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January 2016

Submissions Open – winter stories and poems

Submissions Open – winter stories and poems


Submissions still open for Winter 2016

We are looking for gothic horror stories (preferably ghost stories) that correspond to the following, Winter and Valentine’s Day. We are also seeking a gothic horror poems for Winter and Valentine‘s Day. Please read the submissions page for further info about what we look for.

We don’t pay as of yet but we will provide links, plug and info to any written product of yours in return. We also will set up a nice little bio block with a photo under your submission. We are just starting out and would like to see if CT can grow enough to someday put together anthologies or printed issues.



Great analogies don’t come easy

Comparisons in a story help a reader to visualize and feel the events of a story. It is important that analogies are not cliche and overused because over time they loose their impact and the feeling you may want a reader to get is lost. However, it is also important that your analogy is something that readers will actually feel and visualize…and not laugh at!

analogies from students

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