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Short Horror Stories Wanted

Currently open to submissions for all horror stories, prose and poetry.

Submit a story 300 – 1500 words, if we like it we post it. We include a link to your saleable fiction for readers to find more of your work or a link to your site.

We set up a small bio block on the page your story appears on.

We accept reprints. More info on the submissions page.

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Great dialogue with bodily gestures


The Stranger Within

Writer’s should read this great information by Alex Limberg “Ride The Pen” posted at Fiction University. Alex explains five tips on how to boost the impact of your words with gestures and body language.

The Problem with Great Ideas!

We all get great ideas for a story, a movie, or even a song. The problem is, getting that initial burst of energy and creativity turned into something that people will like to  read, watch and be entertained by… not so easy!

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Submissions now open for fall/winter 2015

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Submissions now open for fall/winter 2015

We are looking for Gothic horror stories (preferably ghost stories) that correspond to the following holidays and yearly events, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Winter and Valentine’s Day. We will be posting only one story for each subject. We are also seeking a Gothic horror poems for Winter and Valentine‘s Day.

As we find the tale for each subject we will discontinue taking submissions for that one event. So, as of Dec. 1st, we ask that you first inquire about each subject. You can include a brief 3 to 10 sentence synopsis about your story or story idea in the email. If we like the idea and the subject is still open, we will ask you to send the submission. Please read the submissions page for further info about what we look for.

So, to recap,
*open submission through Nov. 2015
*Dec. 1st on, inquire first

Once again, it doesn’t have to hit you over the head with Gothic, it could just have a Gothic flavor. Of course, if you have something, full on Gothic, that will be acceptable for sure.

Send to the email address on the submissions page.

Thanks in advance for your submissions

A Happily (morbid) Halloween from Cemetery Tomes

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I’d Like to wish you, my first few followers here at Cemetery Tomes, a Very Happy Halloween

In a few days I will be opening up to submissions pertaining to certain subjects. For all you writers out there, keep your eyes open for a post requesting stories.


25 super terrific, terrifying tales for Halloween

Here’s some Halloween reading from Parlor of Horror. 25 links to horror stories, free to read, from some of the top indie authors.

parlor of horror

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Halloween Horror *Free Read 2015* Best Stories on the internet!

I’m hoping you horror fans will take the next few days and read some of the horror fiction posted here. If you find a story you like in particular, follow links and check out the author’s additional works. We are living in a unique time where traditional publishers are not willing to publish new writers but will only stick with the sure thing – the Top authors with long term proven sales records. That means many great writers will not get the support they need to grow.

These tales are short, what many would call flash fiction, great for a quick horror fix,perfect for reading on your morning commute to work on the subway or bus, ideal for reading all the way through on your lunch break at work or waiting in the car to pick up your children or loved…

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